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The Intercity Rail & Bus Service Implementation Plan will look to increase rail service through the Central Coast area while integrating efficiently with local and regional bus services.


Establishing goals and objectives for the intercity rail & bus service is an important step in identifying and evaluating options to find the most feasible rail solution. The goals identified are consistent with those found in the SLOCOG's 2019 Regional Transportation Plan and each have several measurable objectives intended to support the goal. The Coast Rail Coordinating Council (CRCC) and corridor stakeholders provided valuable input into the refinement of the goals & objectives prior to SLOCOG Board approval. A full list of Goals & Objectivesis listed under Resources.

Project Study Area

Map showing the study area

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To plan for future intercity rail & bus service, we will evaluate and seek input on the following areas:

Rail operations and schedules

What type of service would be provided in the future to achieve the service frequency objectives of the State Rail Plan?

Integrated intercity bus and rail service

What cities should be served by train and bus and how should services be coordinated for seamless transfers and enhanced rider experience?

Infrastructure improvement and equipment needs and cost

What improvements to existing rail or equipment will be needed, and when within the phased plan?

Local transit connectivity

What types of local transit services will be needed to provide passengers with connections at rail stations?


Who should manage the future services and who should operate them?

Intercity Rail Range of Service Options

Three draft service options have been identified to meet frequency targets listed within the 2018 California State Rail Plan. For each option, the team will evaluate integration with intercity and local bus service, impact on rail operations, future infrastructure needs, and implications for governance.

Option 1: Introduce long-distance “Coast Daylight” service from Los Angeles to San Francisco

Option 1 service in 2027

Option 1 service in 2040

Option 2: Extend the Pacific Surfliner route north from San Luis Obispo to Salinas or beyond

Option 2 service in 2027

Option 2 service in 2040

Option 3: Extend existing service south from the Bay Area to San Luis Obispo

Option 3 service in 2027

Option 3 service in 2040

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